Church Fundraising Ideas for 2023 church fundraisers ideas

Whether you’re raising funds to build a new church building or to send a youth group on a mission trip, church fundraising is a major undertaking.

With all the planning needed to organize your congregation to help you raise funds, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. We’ve put together this list of church fundraising ideas to help you get started.

The hardest part of any fundraising project is getting started. There are so many possible event types and fundraising strategies, you run the risk of experiencing analysis paralysis. But don’t worry. If you’re struggling to find inspiration for your next church fundraiser, we’ve got you covered! 

This list of more than 50 church fundraising ideas will give you a fundraising plan that is sure to work for your congregation.

Top 50 Fundraising Ideas For Churches

While your specific church’s fundraising needs may be varied, we have created a list of church fundraising ideas with strategies that are applicable to church building projects, missions trips, and ministry work. church fundraisers ideas

This list includes ideas that work for small churches, churches working with limited budgets, and low-effort fundraisers that won’t stretch your resources.

With church fundraising so often falling on the shoulders of the staff and elders, don’t overlook the opportunity to get all church members involved!

In our following list of the top 50 church fundraising ideas, you’ll find there are strategies that are church-led, those that individuals can take the lead on, as well as ideas for small groups, youth groups, and families.

If you can’t find the perfect idea here, check out our list of the top fundraising ideas for 2022. 

To demonstrate real ways that churches have achieved fundraising goals, we’ll also take a look at case studies of how three churches cumulatively raised over $150,000 to explore what tips you can apply to your own fundraising campaign!

Here are the top 50 fundraising ideas for churches in 2022.

Easy Church Fundraising Ideas

1. Run For A Good Cause

Fundraising always requires effort, and sometimes it’s physical too. Running a marathon shows donors you’re willing to sacrifice for your cause, and it invites them to put in a little effort too by donating.

If you’re not in a position to join an established race or marathon, consider hosting your own. Fun runs and 5Ks are fantastic fundraising opportunities for churches. Not only do these events bring people together, but they also allow you to promote health and wellness among your congregation.

For more information about organizing runs or walks for your next fundraising event, check out this article.